Intuitive Wisdom Massage - Committed to helping you heal
Intuitive Wisdom Massage
Committed to Helping You Heal
Kathy Stewart, CMP
An Intuitive Wisdom Massage encourages a state of deep relaxation that supports

overall well-being. The release of muscle tension and improved circulation can

benefit the body, mind and spirit.

In addition to the basic Intuitive Wisdom Massage,
certified massage practitioner Kathy Stewart offers these options:

  • Deep Tissue- This deep pressure massage focuses upon reducing tight muscles and relieving chronic aches and pains.
  • Hot Stone Therapy- The ancient healing art of placing water-heated basalt stones upon knotted muscles opens up constrained pathways in the body.
  • Body Language Reading – Understanding how the body holds its tensions can free it from unwanted short-term and long-term patterns.

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60 - minute massage              $70
90 - minute massage              $95

To your health,
Kathy Stewart, CMP